winters-nash-470Meet the Innkeepers

Lanesboro has always been a special place to my family.  It is where my ancestors finally settled in the 1850's and 60's.  They arrived here from points North and East to take advantage of available land and opportunities. They were involved in the grain and milling business, furniture making, and farming.  They helped the village come to life as they made it their home.

In the early 1900's they built a home on what they called Cedar Cliff.  The home still stands and can be seen by looking up from downtown.  My father and his parents would often come back to visit in late August or early September and would remark over the beautiful buff colored limestone and delicious smell of cedar trees and oaks as they dropped down into Lanesboro Village.

Thus having grown up hearing of Lanesboro in near reverent tones, I decided to see for myself.  A family reunion held here convinced me I needed to come back. My wife and I did just that and after a few visits moved to what is now the Hillcrest Inn.

We hope those coming to visit will find the community and the landscape to be as beautiful as we have. Lanesboro is a special place.

Bruce & Lucinda Nash